Health Partner Innovation, Meta

Tamer H. Farag leads partnerships for Health Data at Meta, connecting technology product teams in healt, survey systems and AI strategic partners to deliver real-world impact in health and development. Within Meta, he is also an Internal Expert helping company teams to develop products and strategies to meet the needs of strategic partners like governments, funders and vaccine developers. Previously, Tamer began his career as Research Assistant at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, where he delivered Molecular microbiology, antibiotic sensitivity testing and vaccine trial, and later at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as Postdoctoral Fellow, working closely with the World Bank Booster Program for Malaria Control in Africa to design an integrated schistosomiasis/malaria control program to mitigate the impact of a major development initiative for the Senegal River Basin. He served the University of Maryland School of Medicine as Coordinator of Clinical Epidemiologist at the Centre for Vaccine Development, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation first as Programme Officer and then as Consultant Advisor. He advised the Minister of Health on fundraising and development of a new strategy to achieve universal healthcare coverage in Mali. Prior to the current position, he held the position of Assistant Director at the Insitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, where he led the Surveillance and Delivery function for the Local Burden of Disease (LBD) initiative, which creates 5×5 km geospatial maps of disease, mortality, and other indicators.