2 days | 60+ Speakers | 7 Panels | Participants from G20 Governments, International Organisations, The Global Health Community, Economists and Civil Society and Academia | A CALL TO ACTION to G20 Leaders, Health and Finance Ministers ahead of their Summit

The annual Health20 Summit on 1-2 September 2021, hosted by The G20 Health and Development Partnership, will be held virtually this year inviting G20 Policymakers, International Organisations, the Global Health Community, Economists, Civil Society and Academia to join discussions and make concrete recommendations to G20 Health Ministers ahead of their summit about the future of global health crisis management and financing.

The costs of mitigating COVID-19 by 2025 are estimated at USD 22 trillion, as noted by the recent G20 High-Level Panel for Financing the Common Goods for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, with USD12 trillion having already been spent by G20 countries. In light of this massive burden on our economies, the G20, the WHO and many other global initiatives have been created during the last 18 months to tackle this pandemic, revive societies and economies and prevent us from a future pandemic shock.

Under the theme Countdown To 2030 – Turning G20 Health Declarations Into SDG3 Actions and Results, the H20 summit in support of the G20 Presidency of Italy, will discuss what the global community has achieved in managing COVID-19 and compare and analyse existing G20 initiatives to assess how we can leverage the many initiatives and turn them into concrete actions.

The “call to action” recommendations following from the H20 summit will be shared with G20 Health Ministers ahead of their meeting on 5-6 September 2021. This unique two-day platform offers the global health community, G20 and global policymakers, the civil society and the private sector an opportunity to bridge the disconnect in global health diplomacy and work in partnerships aligned with the UN SDG Goal 17 to face future challenges together and bridge the existing financing gap to revive and strengthen societies and economies.