The H20 Summit is an independent annual platform in support of the G20 Presidency agendas and has been launched in Geneva in 2018 by The G20 Health and Development Partnership’s Global Ambassadors and Member Organisations.

By providing an inclusive and collaborative platform between the traditional global health community and relevant sectors including the world of politics and finance, the discussions at the H20 summit help to create interdependencies and elevate global health challenges higher-up the political agendas of G20 policy-makers and International Organisations. The H20 summits follow the mantra that only in Partnerships (SDG17) we can mobilise political action and ensure healthier and sustainable societies and economies to meet our United Nations 2030 targets and beyond.

In 2018, The G20HDP launched the first Health20 (H20) summit on the side-lines of the World Health Assembly in Geneva. In 2019, the G20HDP organised the second successful summit in Tokyo involving wider participation from the public and private sectors, including economists from the G20. Each year, the recommendations by G20HDP partners and from the H20 are compiled into a “Call to Action”, which is reflected in G20 Leaders, health ministers and finance ministers’ Declarations.

The G20HDP report “Healthy Nations-Sustainable Economies”, launched by Lord Jim O’Neill and members of the UK Parliament in 2019, was submitted to G20 health and finance ministers ahead of their first joint meeting. The report highlighted the impact of the world’s deadliest diseases and pandemics on national economies and how sustainable and blended finance mechanisms can help to tackle these challenges overtime.

The G20 Health & Development Partnership (G20HDP) is an advocacy organisation that aims to ensure that G20 countries coordinate their health innovation strategies to tackle the growing burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases globally, to promote the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on SDG 3 “health and well-being for all”.

The G20HDP emerged as an informal coalition of like-minded organisations during the G20 Presidency in Germany in 2017, building on the objectives of SDG 17, “strengthening partnerships”. Our 22 partner organisations from across different sectors include product development partnerships; not-for-profit organisations; international organisations; public-private partnerships; health tech start-up’s; the pharmaceutical industry; research institutions and academia. The Partnership is supported by a network of high-profile Parliamentarians and Global Ambassadors.

Download the G20 Health & Development Partnership brochure here.