Policy Fellow, Centre for Global Development

Rachel Silverman Bonnifield is a Policy Fellow at the Centre for Global Development, where she leads policy-oriented research on global health financing and incentives structures. She held several positions within the Centre for Global Development, serving at first as a Research Assistant in Global Health in 2011, passing through roles such as Consultant – Global Health, Senior Policy Analyst and Assistant Director of Global Health, and today as Policy Fellow in Washington D.C. Silverman’s current research focuses on the practical application of results-based financing; global health transitions; efficient global health procurement; innovation models for global health; priority-setting for UHC; alignment and impact in international funding for family planning; and strategies to strengthen evidence and accountability. Prior to these roles, Rachel served as Research Assistant at the Centre on Democracy Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University, in 2008. After one year, she held the position of Senior Program Assistant in the areas of Kosovo and Regional Roma.