Founder and CEO, Potomac Group

Jill Dauchy is a trusted advisor to sovereigns and public entities for nearly twenty years and in a dozen countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latina America. She is specialised on issues of debt sustainability and restructuring, as well as strategies for stimulating growth, ensuring market access, and infrastructure financing. She is the Founder and, currently, the CEO, with which it provides supports to a multitude of sovereigns, international institutions, and public and private sector businesses with respect to debt negotiations, climate finance, and PPP projects. Meanwhile, she also serves as External Expert to the IMF in the Monetary and Capital Markets Departments. Prior to these roles, she began her career in finance at Swiss Bank Corporation on the Emerging Markets, based in New York City, and later she held the position of Managing Director at Millstein & Co. Moreover, today,  she is also a Member of the Principles Consultative Group and the Committee for Debt Transparency of the Institute of International Finance.