Head of Strategy, Unitaid

Janet Ginnard is an International Healthcare Professional, with a particular interest in applying private sector businesses models to public health challenges. She currently leads the Strategy team at Unitaid, where she coordinates the development of new investment priorities, with an emphasis on market analysis and strategic partnerships. Prior to start her work with Unitaid, Janet Ginnard worked at the World Health Organization as Technical Officer, Diagnostic and Laboratory Technology, facilitating access to safe and reliable diagnostics for HIV, TB and malaria. Previously, in private-sector consulting work, she focused on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement issues, advising on market access optimization for many of the world’s 25 largest pharmaceutical companies, and led targeted strategy development for boutique pharma and specialized biotechnology companies. She started her career in industry, working at Chiron, as part of the Blood Testing Process Validation group, assuring the quality and regulatory compliance of diagnostic products for HIV and hepatitis C virus.