CEO, Value Balancing Alliance

Christian Heller is the CEO of Value Balancing Alliance. The Value Balancing Alliance focuses on the development and standardization of a management accounting model to protect and create long-term value. It is designed to empower decision makers to optimize the total value contribution of their business. Prior to this role Christian Heller led BASF’s Value-to-Society, where he coordinated the incorporation and of the Value Balancing Alliance. A cooperation of international companies, the Big 4 auditing firms and the OECD to drive impact measurement and valuation to the next level. He developed a standardized model, empowering decision makers to create and protect long-term value based on impact valuation techniques. Moreover, he also hold the role of Member of EU Sustainable Finance Platform at the EU Commission, Member of Practitioner Council at  Harvard Business School Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative, part of the G7 ITF Sherpa to Saori Dubourg, Vice-Chairperson of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Committee for the Federal Government and Member of Expert Commission on Sustainable Governance for SME at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.