CEO, Roche 

Dr. Thomas Schinecker has been Chief Executive Ofcer of the Roche Group since 2023. He began his career at Roche in 2003 as part of a management development program. This was followed by various roles across six countries and three continents. Throughout his time at Roche, he served as Head of Marketing and Sales in Austria, Lifecycle Leader for Diagnostics’ Sequencing Solutions and General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Sweden as well as in Germany. For two years, he led Roche Diagnostics’ largest business unit including Research and Development, before taking over the Diagnostics Division, which he led from October 2019 to December 2022. Dr. Thomas Schinecker was born in Germany with German and Austrian citizenship and grew up in Singapore. He studied genetics in Salzburg, Austria, and received his PhD in molecular biology from New York University in 2003.