Executive Director, Medicines Patent Pool

Charles Gore took over the role of Executive Director at Medicines Patent Pool in July 2018. In 2000 he created The Hepatitis C Trust in the UK, that he ran for 18 years. He was the first President of the European Liver Patients Association in 2004 and, in 2007, he funded the World Hepatitis Alliance, President until December 2017. The World Hepatitis Alliance has become the largest membership-based hepatitis patient group globally, with 250-member patient organisations from more than 90 nations. There, his advocacy with the National Health Service and government ministries on behalf of underserved and marginalized communities led the government to commit, in January 2018, to making England the first country in the world to eliminate hepatitis C. Charles Gore sits, also, on several national and international advisory bodies, such as the WHO Director-General’s HIV and Hepatitis STAC